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Via coffee from 3D-model to building kit; A webinar

We have designed a beautiful 3D model for you. Or you did that yourself. But what next? How do we get from a detailed design to a production design that everyone likes to work with?
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Shipyard Gouwerok is going paperless

Our cliënt Shipyard Gouwerok is going paperless! Engineer Dylan de Groot "We have been using the Mastership Workshop Assistant for a year and a half now. I can say builders don’t really look at paper anymore, only in exceptional cases." 
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Lost parts? Stop searching, start finding, save time!

The part ID is crucial in finding the right piece to work with. By default, the ID is printed in the middle of a part. When builders move around parts to get what they need, the ID is often covered up in a pile and hidden from view.
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Perfect Hull Expansions | The Masterclass

Learn about perfect hull expansions, time saving and avoid extra costs in about 30 minutes. Implement this in your daily engineering process.
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Save yourself time, money and headaches with the best hull plate expansions

The client was confused. To proof our expansion was the correct one we made an old fashioned model; small but convincing.
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We like to be challenged by you

Another MasterShip project; skimmer 7500. MasterShip was delighted to get an assignment from Alu Boat Holland B.V. to work out their ideas for a 7,5m fast open aluminum tender.
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