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We like to be challenged by you

Another MasterShip project; skimmer 7500. MasterShip was delighted to get an assignment from Alu Boat Holland B.V. to work out their ideas for a 7,5m fast open aluminum tender.
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MasterClass Work Pleasure

Webinar: MasterClass Work Pleasure: CAD CAM Shipbuilding. 27th or 28th October
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MasterShip Model Exchanger

MasterShip has recently developed a product that converts your 3D MasterShip model to file formats like STEP, JT, SAT or IGES.
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Ship Construction Using MasterShip TOM

TOM (Template Orientated Modeling) is not only a breakthrough in the traditional ship construction modeling but also a time & cost saving tool.
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Cloud-based managment

Cloud-based management

Working with remote teams became a trend during the Covid-19 outbreak.
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MasterShip Software

Draw a shell expansion in 10 seconds
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