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Replay Masterclass Via coffee from 3D-model to building kit

We have designed a beautiful 3D model for you. Or you did that yourself. But what next? How do we get from a detailed design to a production design that everyone likes to work with?
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Replay Masterclass Perfect Hull Expansions

Building faired ships is already a challenge in itself. Don’t make it even more difficult for yourself. Invest in good expansions. So, sit back for about 35 minutes and see how you can save time and costs in your daily engineering process with our AutoCAD based software.
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Replay van de webinar

Ship construction using MasterShip TOM: Template Oriented Modeling. Sit back for about 45 minutes and let us show you how you can save time and costs in your daily engineering process with our AutoCAD based software.
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KBE/AI for Ships Construction

After about  60  years of  CAD  in shipbuilding,  we are currently entering the  3rd  generation of  CAD  software: The generation that leverages the power of  Artificial  Intelligence  (AI). This paper briefly explains the results of the Innovative approach and detailed technical feasibility performed by MasterShip on different cases.
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Innovatie van de constructietekening?

Het bouwproces van schepen is er de afgelopen decennia heel anders uit komen te zien. Wat alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen van de laatste vijftig jaar echter wel overleefd heeft, is de 2D-constructietekening. Het wordt tijd dat we de functie van een constructietekening eens onder de loep nemen.
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Bits & bites & boats

Koppeling CAD/CAM; Vaak zijn de schepen en het maritieme equipment in moderne tekensystemen ontwikkeld. Het kan veel voordeel opleveren als de verkoop- en de planningsinformatie die uit CAD-modellen te halen is, direct of via een interface in de ERP-software gebruikt kan worden.
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Tutorial Nesting parts

Nest your plate parts quickly with minimal effort and waste material.
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Tutorial Shell Expansion

Interchange your construction elements between a 3D and 2D representation in a convenient way.
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Tutorial Marking Stiffeners

Adding marking lines to your plate parts is easy. Do it automatically for stiffeners.
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