“School is being built the wrong way around”

How could it go so wrong? And what will that cost?

Completely rebuilding a primary school (Dutch news May 2022) sounds like an expensive mistake, but similar cases of rework are still the reality at shipyards.

The solution to such a costly challenge does not always lie in technical feats. Awareness is often the basis. And especially coordination between the various parties; aided by that feat of engineering. That’s it.

  1. Avoiding a mistake in the digital model: 1 hour meeting, no delay
  2. Solving a mistake in the digital model: 2 hours meeting, 4 hours of rework, 1.5 day delay
  3. Solving an error on the shop floor: 4 hours meeting, 1 week of rework plus material costs, 1.5 week delay
Cost of rework; 10x rule

By the way, the boys from that school can’t get away with this….!

Do you use collaboration tools for yacht and shipbuilding? Do you feel that you are not using them optimally enough? Are there functionalities that you are missing and would like to add? Let us know. Perhaps we can help you with a fresh neutral view to perfect the process and cooperation between the various project parties and to minimize mutual frustrations (let’s be honest about that).

Because mistakes in the workplace are the most expensive. Prevent them in an early design stage by for example using Space Claim[GvB1] . Recently we recorded a webinar; watch the replay  on of the May webinar.

Of course you can always call us for an enlightening, non-binding, cost-saving conversation.

Finding the collision in an early stage makes a whole lot of difference

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