Via coffee from 3D-model to building kit; A webinar

We have designed a beautiful 3D model for you. Or you did that yourself. But what next? How do we get from a detailed design to a production design that everyone likes to work with?

How do we really help you,

  • dealing with complex hull shapes
  • to avoid collisions; not only within the steel or aluminium, but also with the equipment.
  • to steer internal and external communication and thus prevent ‘re-work’
  • finding parts on the shop floor
  • by sometimes saving as much as 4% on stiffeners costs

How do we help you, designer, yard, project manager, draftsman, to smoothly convert the 3D model into a kit that will make everyone happy. Because that is our mission.

We invite you to take a non-binding look in our kitchen via a short webinar, full of experience in the field of engineering and software development, innovation and enthusiasm to make a difference together in a good work process and a desired end result.  

We have 2 time slots available for the webinar:
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Tuesday 24th of May from 04.00 pm (UTC +1)
Europe & America

Wednesday 25th of May from 09.00 am (UTC +1)
Europe & Asia


Jacques Hoffmans – Director
Gijs van Beek – Software Developer

09.00 / 16.00: Introduction
09.05 / 16.05: Live presentation
09.35 / 16.35: Q&A


The recording of the webinar:

Kind regards,

Jacques Hoffmans

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