Shipyard Gouwerok is going paperless

Why are we still plotting?

Our client Shipyard Gouwerok is going paperless! Engineer Dylan de Groot “We have been using the Mastership Workshop Assistant for a year and a half now. I can say builders don’t really look at paper anymore, only in exceptional cases.” 

It started with one digital workstation. “We installed the Mastership Workshop Assistant on a pc and built it into a robust mobile workstation. Rolling it into the workshop is all we had to do. Without further explanation, use quickly became routine for our builders. The interface is pretty self-explanatory and it turns out to be a very welcome improvement.”

The Workshop Assistant makes digital 3D models available at the workshop. Unlike prints, these models are spatial, interactive and always up-to-date. “For the drawing office, it is a great advantage that models no longer need to be converted to 2D. That alone saves us a lot of time.” 

At the request of the builders, there is now a second workstation on the shopfloor. “It works much better for them. They look up a part and see clearly what they have to do with it. Useful information, such as the name of the engineer who drew it, is also displayed.” 

The Mastership Workshop Assistant is a read-only interface for the shopfloor, which automatically syncs with the drawing office. The software works on all devices – including iPads. That makes tours of the shipyard a lot more interesting. “It sounds difficult at first, because our business is so used to 2D drawings. But after using the Workshop Assistant for a while, the step to fully paperless is not that big.”


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