Save yourself time, money and headaches with the best hull plate expansions

We want you to have the best hull plate expansions

For a mechanical engineer, it is seemingly unimportant. But a shipbuilder enjoys it: making expansions for hull plates. If you do it right, you get a hull so faired you can use it as a mirror.

Recently we were asked to make a hull plate expansion for a ship that had already been built multiple times. However, the MasterShip expansion was quite different to the one already produced. It quickly became clear that the original one was not according to our standards. This inevitably caused a longer construction period with a lot of cutting and sealing work. And a hull you could never use for a quick shave.

The client was confused. To proof our expansion was the correct one we made an old fashioned model; small but convincing.

An exact hull plate expansion makes a world of difference in shipbuilding. If your expansions are perfect, the hull plates will attach themselves to the frames, as it were. That makes the ship easier to build and the costs for finishing are also significantly lower. No filling and no sanding. The cost reduction for the paintwork alone will earn you back the extra attention paid in the design phase.

So make sure you have good hull plate expansions, made by experts that work with specialist software. Buildingfaired ships is already a challenge in itself. Don’t make it even more difficult for yourself. Invest in good expansions.

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