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CAD CAM Shipbuilding

Always keeping an eye out for better ways to fulfill your wishes: how to work more efficient, cheaper, with higher accuracy, fewer mistakes and… with pleasure. 

Ship construction using MasterShip TOM:
Template Oriented Modeling

All you need is to set up a template for one frame and then copy to as many frames as possible. The copies will follow the contour and adjust the details accordingly.
So, sit back for about 45 minutes and let us show you how you can save time and costs in your daily engineering process with our AutoCAD based software.

Europe & Americas
Thursday 28th of October from 05.00 pm (UTC +1)
Join the webinar (Europe & Americas)

Jacques Hoffmans – Director
Gijs van Beek – Software Developer

09.00 / 17.00: Introduction
09.10 / 17.10: Live demonstration
09.40 / 17.40: Q&A

If you like to know more or are interested in working with MasterShip, just call or email:

Jacques Hoffmans or Gijs van Beek
T:+3140 3400 550