MasterShip Model Exchanger

In shipbuilding collaboration is key. Exchanging 3D models is a common way of communication between different parties, but this information is seldom complete. When 3D models are exchanged the file formats are usually converted. This even happens without the engineer being aware of it. With this conversion of file formats the geometry is usually maintained, but the properties are very often lost.

Without any properties, a solid is just a shape. Though, an engineer also wants to know the material, the profile type, the plate thickness or maybe a certain form of treatment. The usual procedure of exporting your model to IGES and then importing it in another CAD software does not facilitate for this. Sometimes, a conversion is not possible at all. For example, AutoCAD cannot make an export to a file format that Teamcenter can read.

Therefore, MasterShip has recently developed a product that converts your 3D MasterShip model to file formats like STEP, JT, SAT or IGES. This product enables you to attach any properties that you like and export the model to the desired file format. Properties are maintained.

Increase your collaboration and avoid miscommunications with the MasterShip Model Exchanger. It is easy to use and converts most models within minutes. Contact us to see if your desired output format applies.

If you like to know more or are interested in working with MasterShip, just call or email:

Jacques Hoffmans or Gijs van Beek
T:+3140 3400 550