Ship Construction Using MasterShip TOM

Template Oriented Modeling

Ongoing automation in shipbuilding has always been a hot topic for MasterShip. TOM (Template Orientated Modeling) is not only a breakthrough in the traditional ship construction modeling, but also a time & cost saving tool. Using TOM, all you need is to set up a template for one frame and then copy to as many frames as possible. The copies will follow the contour and adjust the details accordingly. During the detailed design, changing the details (stiffener sizes, bracket details, girder positions, cutout radius)  can be a huge cost to the designer. Using TOM you have the control over your design details where the very last changes do not have a large impact.

MasterShip has implemented this in-house developed tool for Lung Teh Shipyard (龍德造船) in Taiwan. A quick overview of the TOM functionality is presented below:

Lung Teh is one of the leading shipbuilders in Taiwan, whose expertise covers all phases, from design to dock. MasterShip & Lung Teh have been working together for almost 2 decades, and the partnership is strengthened by day-to-day cooperation.