Cloud-based management

Cloud-based managment

Where the Covid-19 outbreak brought a lot of economic effects on the different businesses, it has also redefined how we work, communicate and collaborate—these changes may possibly be forever. Working with remote teams became a trend that has gained significant momentum during the Covid-19 outbreak.

MasterShip has faced many challenges in order to overcome these disruptions in our on-going engineering environment. MasterShip adapted different tools in order to reduce the Covid-19 effect as much as possible in our daily routine and to fulfill our commitment to clients using our in-house developed systems with the help of online platforms.

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency and simplicity for our management and design team, Mastership has implemented several methodologies. The results were quite impressive and gave us further insights into developing and linking these systems within our company.


A free cloud-based collaboration environment that helps our remote engineering teams to manage, view and share CAD files.

SFTP – S File Transfer Protocol

To provide secure file transfer capabilities, MasterShip started working with our clients abroad using the venerable SFTP where the file access, transfer, and management over a reliable data streams did work positively. With smart procedures set up by MasterShip, SFTP turned out to be incredibly useful.

Cloud-based management
Imagine using a dozen sticky notes every week to track your daily tasks, or even precisely writing them down on a whiteboard only to erase them the next day. It sounds like a lot to manage, right? With cloud-based project management systems, we said adieu to all those sticky notes and whiteboards. Where MasterShip is constantly developing the tools to assist the future of shipbuilding, smooth project management is a catalyst in this field.

Trello is one of the most used cloud-based project management tools, known for its simplicity. The simplified Kanban card-based system helped us to build a ground-level project management framework. They can also track tasks, attach files, images, or hyperlinks to the board, set-up custom dropdowns, and archive boards that you may need at a later point.

TeamGantt is aWeb-based online project scheduling software helps us to manage our projects easily with its dependable GanttChart features. TeamGantt made it possible to keep our remote teams in sync, updated, and productive. Their integration with Trello made our projects run smoothly and effectively.

Moving forward

Building a remote team in another country is no longer the bogeyman it once used to be. Moving forward with the cloud solutions/upcoming technologies, in-house developed individual empowerment with outcome-based objectives will be our new recipe for software and engineering success. We at MasterShip believed that the power of innovation should never be neglected.

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