Time: Use it or lose it!

In normal circumstances everybody is busy reaching goals, deadlines and getting results. So busy that no time is left to stand still, to think over your carrier, to educate yourself… to train. But thanks to Corona, let’s see the benefits, now there may be time! Use it!

During Corona time we trained our colleagues in China. Naval architecture, piping and the Workshop Assistant were some of the things of which we updated their information and skills.

A note from Sky from our Wuhan office

“We spent a very special period at the beginning of this year because of the Corona. We have to stay at home to work and study constantly and fortunately I get trained to learn the software of AutoCAD Plant 3D by the company. I can ask questions about piping system from the trainer/ advisor for Plant 3D
Ms. Zhao Feiyan. And we can discuss some issues any time online, which improve my skills quickly. Thanks to the advisor, thanks to the company, thanks to the Corona, I get so much during this time.”

Now it’s time for training

If you are interested in using your time efficiently, use your time getting to know our MasterShip software, to implement it or in getting trained in using it more efficiently.

Now is your opportunity. Just call or email:

Jacques Hoffmans
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