Throwback Thursday: Practical experience with MasterShip Workshop Assistant

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A few years ago MasterShip introduced the MasterShip Workshop Assistant.

No more outdated hard copy 2D drawings needed on the walls! Just use the accessible real time connected 3D model right in your workshop. The MasterShip Workshop Assistant brings your virtual 3D model into the workshop, making 2D workshop drawings obsolete. All needed building information is available. Such as part information, weld information, assembly information and everything else you can request from the design.”

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Experience the system

Gouwerok Shipyard is at the forefront of this development. The Workshop Assistant is intensively being used in their workshop.

The spokesmen Ronald and Ed are really satisfied with the WSA hardware and software. It is used in the foreman’s office as well as at the location where the real thing happens. The system gives them a better and earlier insight into the total construction. And it saves them a lot of time. Their visits to the in-house drawing room decreased significantly. The system is also very effective to explain situations to the workers on the shop floor even inside the boat.

Their practical experience also brought some new ideas and underscored some other thing, as expected. Among others the use of some saved viewpoints and a more user-friendly option to get dimensions out of the screen. They currently use the software on a tablet and on occasion a bigger screen is preferable.

All parts in the model that were made by MasterShip have information about their properties. Now and then there are parts not created by the MasterShip-software and the users would like that these parts also contain information about the characteristics of that part.

Their remarks were taken into account and resulted in some nice updates and improvements in the way of working with their MasterShip Workshop Assistant.

Screen time at the shipyard

Let us show you the possibilities! We would like to visit you and give you a demonstration of the

Workshop Assistant. So next year we post your picture of #DrawingsOnTheWall on

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