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The latest 3D technology to model a ship and generate all required CNC production simultaneously, fully based on the AutoCAD platform. 

Experience a 100% efficiency increase by adding the MasterShip functionalities.

Latest News

“Things did happen as I challenged them”

In October last, 25-year-old Tufail Shahzad from Pakistan was hired by MasterShip as an Innovation Manager/Naval Architect. Having traveled around the world and with academic degrees in several countries, he has proved himself to be a real explorer. This is, however, not the only reason why this may turn out to be a match made in heaven.

Let’s ‘soften the edges’ in ship design

In ship design, working together with several parties across different process stages is not always very efficient. If only all naval engineers and construction designers would work with an open eye towards the link to the different design stages and the challenges each stage is facing, things would improve. This is an appeal to all designers involved to work towards a joint solution in an attempt to avoid double work.

From feature request to update in a matter of weeks

Agile and scrum. What self-respecting software company do you know that has not been using these buzzwords lately to show everyone how innovative they are? Well? Come on, try a little harder! Of course: MasterShip! The funny thing is that we have been applying these methods right from our inception. Over thirty years later, we are still adding useful features to the once basic functionality and with very short lead times. The splitting of large stiffeners is just one recent but fine example.