Training is an important part of the MasterShip CAD/CAM Software. Your investment in more extensive knowledge of the software will contribute towards productivity in your design and engineering. We offer standard MasterShip courses, customized MasterShip courses and also training & consultancy on location.

MasterShip trainers and consultants are very experienced and have proven themselves during many years in a wide variety of projects for shipyards, designers and engineering offices.

Standard MasterShip training

The trainee can choose between three standard MasterShip courses. The basic, advanced and expert training. For new clients we recommend the basic training. It contains all required information to perform the complete engineering process with efficient use of MasterShip.

Customized MasterShip training

As a MasterShip customer you can have specific reasons to choose for a tailor-made training.

We offer:

an intensive course of 3-6 days which gives a flying start to the implementation of MasterShip. This is especially effective when the users are already familiar with AutoCAD.


a 3-6 days course with longer intervals, so the trainee has more time for homework and practice.

Consultancy on location

For those who have an actual project which has to be finished before a strict deadline.

Our instructors are acting as consultants and project leaders on the job. They will advise on working methods, division of tasks, quality control, sequence of jobs, communication with other parties, training of temporary staff, MasterShip/AutoCAD fine tuning.

Often the standard MasterShip training has already been followed.

5 Reasons to choose MasterShip-training


  • Experienced AutoCAD users "master" MasterShip-software in a few days 
  • Practical courses in different levels to become an expert in CAD/CAM work preparation
  • Including home work facilities and course material 
  • Worldwide available at HQ, Center locations or customer's site 
  • Supports smooth introduction and continuous learning in shipbuilding CAD/CAM knowledge







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