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Design Software

MasterShip is official reseller of SARC software outside the Netherlands. 
SARC has developed several software programs:
Fairway for hull design and fairing, PIAS for naval architectural calculations and LOCOPIAS for onboard use.

Modeling Software

The product is specially developed for designers and naval architects to perform the initial and basic design
The software provides all specific needs of the marine industry, which are not provided by a standard AutoCAD installation.
With use of the Modeling Software you are able to create construction drawings, 3D models and weight reports.


Plant Software (SB3DS)

With PLANT (SB3DS) you design all piping, HVAC and electrical cabling in the 3D ship made by Production Software/PARTS.
It generates all production, installation and purchase information.

Production Software

Consists of three modules SHAPE, PARTS and NC. 
With this program you are able to achieve all required production information for any vessel, such as workshop drawingsNC-codes, parts lists, profile saw lists, hull expansions, shaping moulds, etc.