With SHAPE you generate a 1:1 faired production model of your hull and superstructure.  This model is the basis for the production of parts with PARTS and NC.  

Creating the 3D shape

SHAPE is a very flexible and real time production tool for the creation of 3d shapes.

Input can be a 2d or 3D lines plan, a table of offsets or 3 D shape imported directly from any third party hull design program.

SHAPE uses a multi-surfaces pinciple to define and connect multiple sufraces. This makes the program very suitable for hulls and complex superstructures.

All surfaces of a ship model are stored in the Geometrics® database and can be selected one by one for fairing and detailing.


Fairing the shape

Each 3D shape should be checked for fairness. A shape may be faired on paper but not in reality.

SHAPE enables very precise and detailed fairing because changes are made on the surface itself.

To assis fairng, the curvature of the surface is desplayed. Each vertex can be edited independently, while the impact on the curvature of all wires is visualised immediately.

Automatic fairing® is available for complex areas whre serveral surfaces come together such as the bow or aft section.


Generating production data from the shape

Special tools enable you to create and move details such as seams, rubbing srakes, anchor pockets, openings for engine cooling and bow thirsters, exactly on the 3D surface.

With the Assembly Manager you can automatically create and edit a 3D assembly of the internal construction.

Shell expansions drawings and data for pin jig heights can be calculated for each hull section.


Storing the shape

Geometrics® is storing all lines, surfaces and shape related production data in a central database. The information is therefore accessile to multiple users simultaneously.

This enable project engineers to continue the work preparation process with PARTS for detailing different sections and blocks.




Importing and creating the 3D shape

  • Import 2D lines plan
  • Import 3D shapes from design programs
  • Import a table of offsets
  • Create 3D lines from 2D views (and vice versa)
  • Create a developable surface from knuckle lines
  • Interactive defining of deck shapes and superstructures

Generating production data from the shape

  • Create 3D assembly of internal construciton automatically
  • Create openings for anchor pockets, engine cooing and thrusters
  • Create bulwarks and rubbing strakes
  • Generate seams and a shel expansion drawing
  • Generate tables of pin jig heights

Fairing the shape

  • Interactive fairing of 3D lines and surfaces
  • Automatic fairing®
  • Visualizing curvatures of 3D surfaces
  • Multivariable scaling of surfaces

Storing the shape

  • Store lines, surfaces and all shape related details in a database
  • Accessible to multiple users simultaneously with PARTS