With PARTS you create a 3D production model with all parts of hull and superstructure.
This model is the basis for NC to create nestings and cutting code and for PLANT software to produce pipe, HVAC and cable tray routings.


Creating the 3D internal construction

PARTS generates the 3D construction model and 2D drawings using the Assembly Manager and the unique meothod om Template Oriented Modeling TOM®.

The TOM® Parametrics function repeats similar drawing actions automatically by using a large library of standard templates. Brackets, cut outs, floors or even complete frames including every detail are available. Users can also create own templates.

Stiffeners are quickly selected from the stiffener database in Organiser and modelled in 3D including end details.

TOM® offers many advantages when construction changes occur. Parts update automatically when main ship parameters change or standard details are adapted.

Generating plate and stiffener expansions

PARTS creates expansions for both plates and stiffeners in a few mouse clicks. MasterShip guarantees well-fitting expansions every time!

MasterShip unique expansion algorithms are based on widely used production metholds for pressing, rolling, bending and heat based shaping technologies.

PARTS calculates expansions for single and double curved surfaces of the ship's hull and superstructures. This function also provides stretch information.

All expansions are marked automatically for frame positions, cutting lines, holes and pressure lines. Moulds (templates) can be made for the production of shaped plates and bending of stiffeners.

Preparing parts for NC production

PARTS checks flat part contours for NC cutting. Errors are corrected either automatically or interactively.

Automatic part recognition is offered. With this function you can also automatically translate parts from other shipbuilding applications.

Each part gets a unique ID-number in a semi automatic way. This system can be easily customized to shipyard own standards.

Generating drawings and reports with Organiser 

By allowing any division of the ship drawings in so-called production units, PARTS supports modern shipbuilding in sections and blocks. A production unit contains all plate and stiffener parts and is the key element for detailed logistic control on the yard.

All parts per productioin unit are stored in the external SQL database Organiser. Users can generate any drawing, report and production list for metal processing and assembly operations.



Generating the 3D internal construction 

  • Generate and update automatically 3D construction parts like frames, floors, etc.
  • Generate and update automatically welding holes, markings, fillets
  • Create and edit new templates
  • Create 3D stiffeners including end details
  • Generate and update 3D assembly with Assembly Manager
  • Generate and update 2D construciton and workshop drawing
  • Generate 3D assemblies for PLANT SOFTWARE (SB3DS)

Preparing parts for NC production 

  • Attach physical and logistical infomration to parts
  • Customize part-ID numbering system to shipyard standards
  • Translate parts from other shipbuilding applications
  • Create parts automatically, based on layer, colour or block
  • Check part contours with regard to cutting
  • Correct part contours automatically and interactively

Generating plate and stiffener expansions

  • Choose expansion production method
  • Generate single curved expansions
  • Generate double curved expansions
  • Generate stiffener expansions
  • Generate pressure roll lines and stretch information
  • Incclude markings on expansion 
  • Generate shaping moulds

Generating drawings and reports with Organiser 

  • Make any division of ship in drawing units and production units
  • Store parts and attached information in Organiser database
  • Produce drawings, reports and production lists
  • Automatically nest stiffeners