Modeling Software


The product is especially developed for designers and naval architects to perform the initial and basic design.

The software provides all specific needs of the marine industry, which are not provided by a standard AutoCAD installation.

With the Modeling Software you can create construction drawings, 3D models and weight reports.





The Modeling Software is developed to begin a new project in such a way that the switch from design phase to work preparation phase can be minimalised or even completely skipped.  

Parts modeled with the Modeling Software can be used in the Production Software for further detailing without any problems!

Template Oriented Modeling (TOM©)

is a method developed by MasterShip.

TOM© offers predefined ship constructions, an intelligent repeat function and adjustable parts:

Parts made with TOM© can be updated as soon as the 3D linesplan or specific parameters change         

This way 3D construction models and 2D construction-, class– and workshop drawings can be created simulteanuously much more efficient and faster.

TOM© offers time savings, more insight, a steady work method and an easy link to the production phase.

Because our software uses the interface of AutoCAD, all standard AutoCAD functions are still available.

5 Reasons to choose Modeling Software

  • Easy to use, so easy to learn
  • Take advantage of all existing standard AutoCAD functionality
  • The software uses standard AutoCAD DWG-format (no file-conversions)
  • Similar parts can automatically be generated, even when they are different
  • Achieve a detailed weight and COG report, when your design is finished   








Modeling Software functions


Improve your design

  • Use drawing units to be able to divide your project into several work packages for different design teams.
  • make the 2D intersections and achive the resulting 3D construction model, construction drawing and weight report.
  • Designs made with Modeling Software can instantly taken over by the Production software to avoid rework.

3D construction model 

  • Automatic generation of typical shipbuilding parts like floors, web frames, bulkheads, brackets, etc.
  • Automatic generation of typical shipbuilding details like welding holes, longitudinal cutouts, manholes, etc.
  • Use the standart profile library (profile type, dimensions, materials, end details). 

Construction drawing

  • Create hull expansion drawings with use of the "3D-to-2D-conversion" (2D-to-3D is also available).
  • Take advantage of the drawing tools specific developed for the marine industry.

Weight reports 

  • Calculate the weight of: parts, frames, sections or entire ships.
  • Calculate the COG (Center Of Gravity).