Design Software (SARC)

MasterShip and SARC joined forces – naturally!!

We are pleased to announce that SARC and MasterShip Software have joined forces.

In a competitive environment, closing existing gaps and eliminating overlaps in the shipbuilding process is getting increasingly important.

Now, SARC (design and stability software) and MasterShip (modeling and production software) closely cooperate. This leads to a smooth workflow from concept design to construction modeling, production and loading evaluation.

Jacques Hoffmans (MasterShip): "Together we made a huge step forward."

Herbert Koelman (SARC): "MasterShip is now also distributor of SARC software."

Please contact us if you want to know more about our cooperation or what advantages this can have for you.








SARC introduces at SMM: New Fairway Interface

The commercial release of a completely new interface of our Fairway hull design software.

Simple operations allow full and direct control over actual hull lines. Hull design per computer made as flexible and versatile as drafting on paper!

A completely new method to define the subdivision of a vessel. We can now generate bulkheads from defined compartments and vice versa. Either of these two types of models can be most suitable, depending on the problem at hand. This development includes an open interface for communication with different types of dedicated software such as MasterShip.

Thus, different types of can now make use of the same basic geometry model of the vessel, which will reduce double input, data conversions, version conflicts, etc.