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No Time for Confusion with Our New Software Solution

Designing a ship in AutoCAD can be confusing when you are working with mirrored objects. Mastership Software is currently developing a solution which adds clarity – in the design process and at the shipyard later on – and reduces the chance of making mistakes. Our new function allows users to make quick alterations throughout the design process and therefore saves valuable time.

From Confusion to Clarity

When you start building a ship, working with mirrored objects can be an advantage as many of the ship’s parts will still be identical. But when development continues and (small) alterations start taking place in one object, that should not be duplicated in its mirrored twin, the trouble starts. The fact that both objects aren’t fully identical anymore, yet still carry the same name, causes confusion. Not only in the technical drawing itself, but also when assembling the ship at the shipyard later on.

Smart Software Solution

Mastership Software is currently developing a solution which tackles this problem. Instead of taking one object and adding a mirrored twin, our method publishes two identical objects with similar characteristics. The user then decides to mirror one of the two objects into a portside or starboard variation, and give it an appropriate name. Throughout the design process, our software will make sure these two objects are kept in-sync. Should the user change something in one object, our software will ask if the other should be changed in a similar way. The user can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, after which our software will either apply the change to two both objects or just one.

Watch a demonstration of our smart software solution on our Mastership YouTube channel.

Are you inspired by Mastership’s new software solution and would you like to save valuable time? We would love to share more detailed information and see how we can make your design process more efficient. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Wouter van der Horst.

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