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In ship design, working together with several parties across different process stages is not always very efficient. If only all naval engineers and construction designers would work with an open eye towards the link to the different design stages and the challenges each stage is facing, things would improve. This is an appeal to all designers involved to work towards a joint solution in an attempt to avoid double work.

Quarter-circle profiles

While some of our engineers were having lunch the other day, the issue of aluminum profiles and outer radiuses came up. These specific rounded profiles are necessary to prevent people from hurting themselves and to improve the painting result by avoiding cracks. Soon they all agreed that all too often, the standard outer radiuses for quarter-circle profiles available in our trade, either 30 or 50 millimetres, are ignored by other designers and engineers. Instead, a radius of say 25 or 45 is applied in the design. Simply ignoring these incorrect entries in our turn would inevitably result in a palliative measure during construction using filler or shortening a sidewall or superstructure.


The radius issue, however, is by far not the only recurring problem we face. On top of that, it takes valuable time for construction workers to establish what the actual problem is before it can be addressed. Obviously we have no choice but to correct the wrong data over and over again. Looking for some kind of alignment of the design processes, we call upon those of you involved to think of a way to get things right from the very start. This especially applies to the first design stages that involve work of a more conceptual nature. So please share your thoughts with us on this issue, or any other recurring trouble you may run into on occasion, and let’s further soften the edges in our beautiful profession!

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