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Agile and scrum. What self-respecting software company do you know that has not been using these buzzwords lately to show everyone how innovative they are? Well? Come on, try a little harder! Of course: MasterShip! The funny thing is that we have been applying these methods right from our inception. Over thirty years later, we are still adding useful features to the once basic functionality and with very short lead times. The splitting of large stiffeners is just one recent but fine example.

Splitting of stiffeners

Says Product Development Manager Wouter van der Horst: “In this particular case a potential buyer filed a feature request for splitting up large stiffeners into smaller ones. Stiffeners are applied to plate parts to prevent bending. Even though a deck beam, for example, easily measures 20 meters in length when finished, you can usually only buy them with a maximum length of 6 meters. The new splitting feature makes this particular piece of design more realistic and accurate. You can create the basic 3D model without worrying about such details as how long the purchase length of a stiffener is. The new feature can also be applied in the design of manholes or weight saving holes.”


“However, these manholes and other holes also need stiffeners to prevent them from distorting. Because of the round shapes of the holes, stiffeners have to be tailored during the construction stage as well. Here too, the new splitting feature can add value to the design process in terms of accuracy and precision. While examining the pros and cons of the request, our own engineers soon came to the conclusion that developing a solution for the problem and incorporating it in our software would be beneficial for all users. Being a relatively small company it took us less than two weeks to work things out. At this moment we are running some final tests and expect to launch an update in a matter of days rather than weeks.”

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