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In previous blogs we addressed the reluctance among quite a few wharfs to bid farewell to paper construction drawings. Or the resistance to adopt 3D construction drawings. Whichever you prefer. After a lengthy and comprehensive pilot with two client shipyards, MasterShip proudly presents the ultimate ‘happy medium’: Workshop Assistant. Another big step towards transforming the drawing office into a virtual construction site.


Workshop Assistant® exists of a computer with A0 touchscreen monitor and specialized software that brings the 3D ship model to the shop floor. Workshop Assistant combines MasterShip Production Software with Navisworks by Autodesk for perfect visualization. The solution comes with an appealing, user-friendly interface as well as display features for all relevant metadata including component identifications, materials, size and the like. Other added functionalities include the possibility to draft notes for internal use such as questions, suggestions and/or remarks.

Easier to comprehend

Says Product Development Manager Wouter van der Horst: “According to participants in the pilot project, construction information was much easier to understand and provided helpful welding, fitting and assembly information to the workers. With the time-consuming creation of production drawings being superfluous, engineering costs drastically dropped as the pilot progressed. At the same time, more as well as improved and updated information became available.“

Augmented Reality

“Workshop Assistant opens up opportunities towards the integration of Augmented Reality in the near future. Then, taking a virtual tour of the yacht in the making will be no rocket science anymore. As a matter of fact, I imagine we will be walking around moving a tablet back and forth that shows us exactly what the ship will eventually look like. Just by aiming the device in a certain direction it will immediately detect possible mistakes or omissions and automatically give the right instructions to correct them. To be honest, I can’t wait for that to happen”

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