The company was founded in
1986 by Jacques Hoffmans
after his graduation at Delft Technical University.


MasterShip is a company on the cutting edge of modern shipbuilding technology with customers all over the world.
Based on more than 25 years of experience in shipbuilding work preparation, we offer shipbuilders and -designers the best software to produce ships and yachts faster, easier and cheaper.

Our software is 100% based on AutoCAD and  translates a design concept into production information.

We use the latest 3D technology to model the entire ship structure and installations on board. At the same time it generates all necessary production information.

MasterShip-software makes modern CNC metal processing-technology accessible and profitable by linking the ship design process to the workshop of any small, medium or large shipyard in the world. Links to ship-design and logistic systems make MasterShip-software a central solution for the shipyard and its subcontractors.

MasterShip people are dedicated shipbuilding engineers, software engineers and supporting back-office people. We offer a unique services formula, so clients can subcontract every possible project (or part of it) to MasterShip Projects.

We are enlarging our international network of Centers continuously. There are Centers worldwide selling and supporting MasterShip Software and Projects.




MasterShip Milestones

2015: MasterShip acts as the secretary of the Partners for International Business consortium for Dutch yacht design and engineering in China

2013: Dutch Ship Design Agency 

2012: Workshop Assistant

2012: Joined forces with SARC

2011: Template Oriented Modeling (TOM©) inside AutoCAD

2009: Automatic fairing inside AutoCAD

2007: Interface with AutoCAD based piping program for shipbuilders

2005: Solid modeling and 2D-3D integration inside AutoCAD

2003: Database for production information linked with AutoCAD

2000: Automatic nesting inside AutoCAD

1995: Description of 3D ship shapes inside AutoCAD


1988: Interface with CNC cutting machines

1987: Expansion algorithm for single and double curved surfaces.