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With more than 20-year shipbuilding experience, MasterShip provides 3D CAD/CAM software for the production of ships and yachts. Integrating the design, work preparation and logistics processes, it offers shipyards tremendous efficiency gains.

MasterShip-software is 100% AutoCAD based, which makes it easy to implement and work with. Worldwide MasterShip Centers sell software and provide support in their own area to engineering customers and local software users. This international network of MasterShip Centers also offers an excellent platform for all kinds of co-operation and expertise sharing.

For sales and local support purposes MasterShip establishes MasterShip Centers in all important shipbuilding areas worldwide. These MasterShip Centers can be independent companies, joint ventures or full daughter companies.

We are always in search of committed entrepreneurs or companies with experience and know-how of work preparation (fairing, lofting, nesting) for ships to start new MasterShip Centers in new areas for selling MasterShip-software licenses together with training and support. Along with the technical know-how, an excellent knowledge of the local market an extensive network is important. MasterShip Centers obviously use MasterShip-software to provide engineering services to the local market and improve their own knowledge of the software.

MasterShip software costs from € 450,- for the newly launched Modeling Software to € 100.000,- for more functionality and more users. Rewards for software sales vary from 10 to 40% of the license price depending on the joined effort for marketing and sales between the MasterShip Center and Head Quarters.
It is understood that MasterShip HQ will supply marketing materials, training and on site support in the start up phase of a Center. After training and technology transfer we are proud to give our agent the formal status of MasterShip Center.

Shipyards and engineering/design companies active in work preparation (fairing, lofting, nesting) for all kinds of sea going ships, work boats, inland barges, fishing boats and (mega) yachts.

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MasterShip Software BV

Jacques Hoffmans
Managing director